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letter[s] to my [ex] lover[s] is a collection of letters written across ten years. It's also a book, an Instagram photo series, and a reflective exercise, shared. 

Written, edited, illustrated, published, and spray painted over the course of many years and many cities, letter[s] to my [ex] lover[s] catalogs the growing, squealing, fiending, hoping, healing, bending, broken bits of love in the many forms in which it comes, and goes. Like the relationships that inspired them, some of the letters are longer than others. Some are harder than others. Some are kinder, some are crass.


letter[s] to my [ex] lover[s] is Rebecca Marshburn's first book. She intends for it to open a dialogue between you and her, you and someone else, or you and you. 

After production costs, all proceeds from the sale of letter[s] to my [ex] lover[s] will go to a nonprofit organization that supports one of three causes: Creative writing workshops for kids, adult literacy, and equal opportunity to love. 

Which nonprofit will your purchase support? You decide! 

To learn about the organizations your copy's proceeds could support, go to the Nonprofits page. 

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